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Forza Horizon 2 Approaching the Last Race

Forza fans, the time has come. Turn 10 Studios announced on Friday that Forza Horizon 2 and its DLC are coming off of the Microsoft Store for purchase on October 1st. Anyone who has Xbox Live Gold can pick Horizon 2 up for free now through August 31st.

The plus side to this is that if you already own the base game or any of the DLC before it goes away, you can still download them later in case you delete them to make room for new games, like say Forza Horizon 4, slated to be released on October 2nd.

Turn 10 taking the game off of the store is in the same timeframe that they used for Horizon 1, which was taken off of the store four years after its release, around the time that Horizon 3 launched in the fall of 2016.

Personally I had a lot of fun in Horizon 2, the courses themselves were kinda stale but I loved driving around the mountains and just cruising along, and the challenges were fun too. The story mission where you race the train (or was it the hot air balloon?) and Train in Vain by The Clash is playing (my favorite Clash song), so much fun, short but fun. I am excited for Horizon 4; I didn’t get to play 3, so I hope it’s as fun, if not better than Horizon 2.

tl;dr- If you want Horizon 2, grab it before Oct 1st. If you have Xbox Live Gold, you can get it for free until August 31st.

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