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Bloodstained: Symphony of the Night is going to be delayed, will not release until 2019

One of the most promising metroidvania games in the field is going to be delayed. And they’ve cancelled PS Vita version, too.

Here is an official video announcement:

Inti Creates and 505 Games have announced that Bloodstained will not come out that year. They’ve made that decision after getting feedback from the Beta Backer Demo. Given all the data that they’ve got, they decided to polish their game more. It is actually really admirable, let’s just hope that they will not turn out like Mighty No.9 at release. Though so far I’ve seen nothing to suggest that it will.

And now to talk about PS Vita version cancellation. Koji Igarashi in his official statement said that it is happening because Sony have plans about discontinuing PS Vita consoles. They have plans about stopping their production and stopping some online store support. So, yeah, thanks, Sony. Smooth as always.

Nevertheless, I’m still quite pumped about that game since I just love classic Castlevania that much. And we here at Silver Soul wish them luck.

For now, stay tuned for more gaming news!

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