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Steam TV – a new streaming platform is being developed by Valve

After making Steam the biggest digital retail platform in the world, Valve decided to expand into streaming scene as well.

STEAMy streaming

In modern days game streaming is constantly growing, both in the quantity and quality. In fact, for many content creators streaming becomes the main source of content. Most companies, websites and platforms already have their dedicated stream channels and streamers. Silver Soul Gaming also has its own twitch channel where our very own Silver plays her favorite games, chats with people and conducts giveaways. You can follow us on twitch here (yep, shameless self-promoting).

But I digress. Given all that, it comes as no surprise that Valve decided to get themselves a piece of that streaming pie. For that purpose they are developing a new streaming platform, Steam TV. That fact became known after Valve prematurely published their internal testing build of that platform yesterday. It has been removed since then, but not before several people had an opportunity to get their hands on its features.

As it is a part of a Stem platform, it has an access to a Steam chat with its full functionality and an ability to invite your friend to watch your stream. Also, it looks like there would be an access to the voice chat. All in all, it looks like Steam is getting ready to oppose Twitch on streaming scene. In time we will see what comes out of it.

Stay tuned for more streaming news on Silver Soul!

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