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The world of Rakuen will be featured in a new animated series

One of the most tearjerking and heartwarming games of recent years is coming to the world of animated series. Rakuen, created by Laura Shigihara with Emmy Toyonaga as an artist, was released at 10 May, 2017. It is a story about an ill boy who, along with his mother, is going on imaginary adventures. He is doing that by listening to the stories and imagining himself to be a main hero of such stories. Is it really just an imagination, though? You will need to play it to find out.

Bitter but sweet

Rakuen is a great game with a bittersweet story that will make you stop and think. This game is a little gem that was overlooked at its release. It has garnered enough attention to get Overwhelmingly Positive reviews at Steam since then, though. And now its world will be a setting for a new 3D animation called The Farmer in the Sky. Going by its trailer, you will see all the monsters and the Boy himself in 3D rendition, and it does look good.

Channeling the series

That series is being created by Laura Shigihara and an animator Slamacow and has been in development for 6 months already. You can watch its trailer, but let me warn you: there is a real danger of cuteness overdose. The series will be released at fall of 2018 and will have its own dedicated YouTube channel. That channel is already up, by the way, so you can subscribe to it so as to not miss the series’ release. I know that I did.

And as a way to celebrate trailer’s release, Rakuen is now on sale at Steam, so you can check out that game if you’ve never played it before. And I will do that as well, while I’m waiting for that series to release. Stay tuned for more game-related news!

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