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Little Dragons Café by Harvest Moon’s creator is coming this month

Hello, people, how is it going? I sure hope that you are doing good, and I’ve brought some good news for all of you. Do you remember a game called Harvest Moon by Yasuhiro Wada? I do, and it was a great experience. Well, for those of you who liked that game as well, it will be pleasant news: Yasuhiro Wada is releasing his new game this August, 24th on PS4 and Switch. His new game is called Little Dragons Café and it promises to be a treat as well.

Game of… dragons?

Game plays as it sounds: you will be managing your café and raising dragons. Taking control of twin sister and brother, you will embark on a quest to save your mother. She has fallen in a cave and, as some Wise Old Man™ said, you will need to raise a dragon to save her. And here comes the game: you will need to find that dragon, raise him and save your mother all the while managing your café. After all, it will not do if your mother returns to destroyed family business.

Tasty adventures

Of course, while you are travelling the world in search of a dragon, you will find more than just an egg. On your adventures you will meet interesting NPCs, forge friendships (there will be no fighting and killing in the game) and find new ingredients and recipes for your café. So, with time, your little establishment will be able to satisfy palates of the most demanding customers. Speaking of customers, they too will be recurring characters. Each and every one will have their tastes and in time you will learn more about them, both as customers and characters.

Thankfully, that game will arrive shortly, as I can’t wait for it. Stay tuned for more gaming news, folks, and have a nice day!

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