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“Wow” Moments in Gaming

We’ve all been there: using a new ability for the first time, fully realizing a game-play mechanic, coming across a beautiful landscape, or getting a killing spree. There’s been at least some moment for most gamers that just made them say “wow” (or a more mature variant). I know I’ll never forget when I first played Dishonored and poisoned the lord regent’s drink, waited under his dinner table, and made eye contact with him as he breathed his last and realized my treachery.

Moments like these, are a huge part of why gaming is as popular as it is today; the magic some titles create for players is unrivaled by anything other form of media, and the impact these moments have is varied. For many gamers, these “wow” experiences are something to be shared: they grab their sibling and show them, or maybe text a friend and talk about how their mind is blown. It’s wonderful for games to be giving players high points to talk and/or brag about. I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say these moments heavily contribute to the growth of the gaming community as a whole.

Few things are more satisfying than Axe dunking a Sniper -Dota 2

These experiences can be more than just something to talk about, it’s moments like these that can keep a player invested in gaming, but also give them satisfaction in the day-to-day grind they might be going through. It’s not uncommon for someone to feel trapped in the same routine in life: each day blending into the next with few, if any, significant differences. In this scenario, having something to get that rush of euphoria is almost necessary to keep on going; and for many, gaming is an outlet to get that rush, to feel satisfied with their current position and be willing to keep moving forward.

“Wow” moments can be found in nearly any game, be it a big story reveal, a crazy combo in a fighting game, or a hour long surprise boss fight. Different people will have different “wow” moments, and there are games that might be an entire “wow” moment from start to finish. Regardless, these moments help create a gaming world for everyone to enjoy, and I hope that moments like these will continue to make people enjoy video games and help keep the world of digital entertainment a positive experience for all involved.

There were two living guards between the wall and car – Half-Life

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