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Metro: Exodus on Xbox One X will be prettier than on the other platforms

New console, new graphics

It seems that all of the effort that Microsoft put in their new version of Xbox One – called Xbox One X, is starting to pay off. Recently, in the latest article of the Official Xbox Magazine, one of the representatives of the Koch Media, Huw Beynon revaled a few things about the latest game of the Metro franchise – Metro: Exodus.

In his words, while they are planning to squeeze out the maximum of the console’s resources, Xbox One X has more options available. So, naturally, users of that console will a little more in terms of game quality. It is nothing major, of course, as THQ Nordic aims to please all of its fans, but the newest iteration of Microsoft console allows for more graphic immersion than Sony’s PS 4. So, because of that, Metro: Exodus on Xbox One X will come out with 4k quality and will support HDR.

“I’m sure that game will look good on the other platforms as well, but on Xbox One X it will look even better” – he stated to the magazine. By “other platforms” Beynon meant other consoles, as Metro: Exodus on PC will support the newest technology of RTX, developed by Nvidia. It will allow your computer to trace light rays in real time, adding to the graphic immensely.

More exploration

Besides that, Beynon mentioned that each level of Metro: Exodus will take a few in-game days, and game itself will be more focused on the world’s exploration by main character. Given that Metro takes place in quite a unique universe, it is great that developers decided to allow players to immerse themselves in an atmosphere of their world. Of course, it is just my opinion.

Anyway, we here at Silver Soul Gaming are waiting for the Metro: Exodus release, which is scheduled to happen in February 22, 2019. Stay tuned to find out more about gaming news. Cheers!

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