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Fallout 76 will not have a cross-console play because Sony “is not as helpful as everyone would like”

Recently, German gaming site made an inquiry to the Bethesda about possibilities of cross-platform gameplay in their recently announced Fallout 76. And what they heard back was, if saddening, but ultimately unsurprising answer: there will be no crossplay in the game.

Crossplay conflict

Why not, would you ask? Well, thing is, our beloved Sony has a very negative reaction to any crossplay notions. So, if you own an Xbox One and your friend plays on PS 4, tough luck, you wouldn’t be able to play together. It is a reason for much disagreement between the companies.

Of course, it still leaves us with lots of games that you wouldn’t be able to play with your friends across your consoles, such as Rocket League, Fortnite and recently announce Minecraft 2, which you will be to crossplay with Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, if not PS 4. Lately Microsoft and Nintendo started to increase their pressure on Sony to allow a crossplay.

Hopes for the future

That prompted Sony into action, somewhat, and recently Shawn Layden, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America, announced, that Sony will take a look at all the possibilities that modern consoles allow, including an ability to crossplay as well.

That still leaves us with inability to play our favorite post-apoc game with our friends from different platforms, though. As Todd Howard said, “Sony is not as helpful as everyone would like”. And it stands true regarding Bethesda and Sony’s relations. As we all know, it is not the first time that Bethesda has problems with Sony and its policies. For example, Sony’s approval procedures greatly delayed rolling out of Skyrim Special Edition and Fallout 4 “Creation Club”. Though they’ve managed to overcome their problems in the past, we here at Silver Soul Gaming wish them to reach a satisfying for both the companies and gamers agreement. Cheers to you, people, and stay tuned for more gaming news!

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