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What makes a Rapture? The aftermath.

What happens when you’re not picked for the Rapture? Well no one really knows for sure, but someone thought of a situation that might happen. TinyBuild studios, creators of Hello Neighbor, SpeedRunners, and Graveyard Keeper, have teamed up with Explosm, creators of Cyanide and Happiness, to create Rapture Rejects, a game that explores that very question.


Announced today at E3 2018, Rapture Rejects is a top-down battle royale. I know what you’re thinking- “groans Not another battle royale game, we have so many of those, and nothing beats PUBG.” Hang on there, this one is a bit different. Allow me to explain.

Rapture Rejects is a “top-down isometric last man standing” game set in the apocalypic Cyanide and Happiness universe. Sounds fun already.


In this universe, when God leaves the worst of the human race behind, all hell breaks loose and everyone just tries to kill each other. Sounds like a battle royale alright, all of the senseless violence and wonton destruction your little sinner heart desires.

rapture rejects gameplay
Caught in the crossfire


Scavenge for weapons and kill every other person on Earth, hopefully impressing God enough to let you into heaven. So kill everyone, last man standing gets into heaven? Sounds like a plan, who will I party with when I win?

Rapture Rejects takes the battle royale genre, gets rid of the boring military stuff, and introduces a Worms-esque armory of insane weapons and over the top violent animation. Also Satan is there.” -Rob DenBleyker, co-creator of Cyanide and Happiness.

rapture rejects satan
Satan is here, he’s not lying

I know you wanna see some of this for yourself. Well, the trailer is here, and it really does look like a lot of fun. You can also see it on Steam, and check out their Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest updates. You can also sign up to be part of the alpha testing happening in the summer at their website.

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