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Unravel Two Announced At The EA Play 2018 Event and Is Out Now!

Developer Coldwood officially announced Unravel Two at EA’s “EA Play” event today. The game is out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC and is priced at $19.99 for standard buyers and $17.99 for EA access members–according to Microsoft’s website. This is a sequel to Coldwood’s orginal game, Unravel. According to IGN,

EA first teased an Unravel sequel back in 2016. Unravel 2 is, of course, a follow-up to Unravel, which EA released in 2015.

You can watch Unravel Two’s E3 2018 trailer by clicking here.


Unlike the first game, the sequel has co-op play–featuring the two Yarny characters.  Players can play the game by themselves if they prefer a solo adventure. Essentially, the two Yarnys will explore what this vast world has to offer while solving puzzles and dodging foes along the journey.

EA Originals writer, Ashley Reed shared some information about the titles on PlayStation’s blog and Mircosoft’s news page. Here’s some information about what the writer had to say about this sequel.

“One Yarny can swing from the other to cross a gap, build a yarn bridge for the other to jump on or use the environment to catapult the other onto a far-off ledge. These Yarnys are also more athletic than their red cousin from the first Unravel, so wall-jumping, wall-sliding, and swimming come naturally to them.”

“After washing up on an abandoned island, you’ll explore the memories of two young people scattered through a lighthouse at its center. Your job is to help the pair find something important that’s gone missing: a mysterious “spark” that you pursue through the world. These two only have each other (much like the Yarnys themselves), and through your adventure, you learn more about the bond that holds them together.”


Apparently the enemies in the sequel are more menacing in this title. Reed says, “the world is full of falling rocks, deadly machines, and hungry birds that can cut your adventure short. You’ll need to rely on all your skills and the bond the Yarnys share to make it through.”

The game also has “bonus maps” found in the game’s lighthouse. These are meant to challenge the player’s critical thinking and puzzle-solving skills. Reed claims, “Other unfortunate Yarnys are trapped in these levels, and by rescuing them you can earn new patterns to customize your main characters.”


On the topic of EA Access members chances at the game, Reed said, “EA Access members can sample the first two chapters anytime with the Unravel Two trial, and then save 10% on the full game if they decide they love it.” Players who join the membership program can play the original game, Unravel, and many others when they join too.

If that doesn’t interest you; you can access the title now using your preferred method for Xbox One, PS4, or PC.

What do you think about this news? Have you’ve already dived into Unravel Two‘s? Would you recommend the game to a friend? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter, and follow us for more news on EA or Unravel Two, and everything gaming too.

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