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No Current Plans To Sell Nintendo Switch Units Without Docks In The Americas Nintendo Says

It seems Nintendo started selling dock-less Nintendo Switch units to Japanese consumers a couple of days ago. Sadly, Nintendo has no plans to sell those in western regions.


In a statement to USgamer, Nintendo explained they “have no plans to release this configuration in the Americas.”

The unit was listed for 26,978 yen or $246. This is what the Nintendo Switch unit included:

  1. A Nintendo Switch console
  2. Two Joy-Cons
  3. Two Joy-Con wrist straps

Though Nintendo didn’t elaborate on other parts of the world, it’s a shame they aren’t selling these items separately. It wouldn’t hurt to give consumers options when purchasing items for themselves, friends, or family members, Nintendo.

In’s article, they explain how Nintendo‘s goal is to get multiple Nintendo Switch units in households. If that is their goal, than it’s ideal to sell different versions of this console. An affordable price would be ideal. We’ll just have to wait and find out if Nintendo decides to change their minds about the situation or not.

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