Walmart goof sparks some.. RAGE


Did anyone else play Rage?

A quick synopsis that covers the beginning of the game:

A meteor is hurtling towards Earth and nothing is going to stop it. Not looking good. Humanity decides to lock up some of the best of its people in underground, smart bunkers before the impact, in order to preserve humanity in a last ditch effort to say, “Oh yeah, meteor? Screw you.”

You start the game getting locked into your sleeping pod and then, darkness.. until you wake up, and immediately realize something.. something isn’t right. The other pods have dead bodies in them. Life support had failed, and there’s no telling what hellish nightmare is outside. But, there’s nothing left inside this crypt full of what you can only assume are your friends, so.. To the outside!

You are quickly beset upon by mutants and die – actually, no, wait, you die in like two hours, but your suit brings you back – its cool man, don’t worry. You almost die, until someone who strangely reminds me of Sully from Monsters Inc (he’s a human, not a purple and blue dinosaur) saves you, and explains that, yeah, things are preeeeetty screwed up, but humanity doesn’t quit so easy. Also, change out of your Ark suit, because everyone wants your kind – the pre-meteor death kind.

And going forward from that point, the game involves two things: shooting/stabbing/boomerang-ing people, and.. junker jeeps with guns on them. The game really tried to involve cars with guns, and it mostly worked, but felt almost.. forced. It overshadowed the actually-good AI that provides a great gunfight. It almost reminds me of playing the original FEAR. They flank, they throw hella grenades, and they retreat when you pop their friends too much.

ANYWAY. That released in October of 2011 from id software. It.. it didn’t sell well. It wasn’t a blockbuster. It was good, but awkward. It pretended to be open world (it wasn’t) but it also wasn’t an RPG – so there wasn’t EXP to earn from exploring (but there were cards, because there was a card game inside the game, that was actually really neat). It was a shooter that also had cars that handled well and all that but was just.. awkward.

So when Walmart Canada updated their website, they.. they did a thing. They accidentally announced Rage 2. And immediately, the long dead Rage twitter (who only ever tweeted four times) came to life with this:

DcxlTc3XkAEwJPn.jpg large

@Bethesda even replied to the tweet with a single, “Dude.”


Who even thought this warranted a sequel? Just about.. well, not many people. But those who did, rejoice! Personally, I’m excited. Beyond this, there are very little details. Walmart has apparently since taken it down, because, well, yeah. Dude.

They also leaked Gears of War 5 and Just Cause 4 with generic box art, as well. Go Canada! Specifically, Walmart Canada!

We’ll know for sure later on, because Bethesda’s annual E3 showcase, BE3, will take place on Sunday, June 10, at 6:30 p.m. PT.

Gotta hand it to their PR team, way to handle a royal screw up by one of our most beloved screw ups, Walmart.


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