No Plans for Virtual Console, Says Nintendo

With the latest news drop concerning the Nintendo Switch Online Service criteria, fans are still clamoring for news concerning Nintendo’s Virtual Console for the Nintendo Switch. Sadly, it appears Nintendo doesn’t have any plans for that lovely system–according to Kotaku.


Last night, a Kotaku representative received the following email from an Nintendo spokesperson detailing the Virtual Console’s absence. Here’s what the spokesperson said over email:

“There are currently no plans to bring classic games together under the Virtual Console banner as has been done on other Nintendo systems.”

Additionally, Kotaku asked the representative if the Nintendo Switch Online Service will expand its roster of games outside of the NES’s line-up. But, the Nintendo spokesperson had “nothing to announce on this topic.”

Because of the recently announced NES online play features for the Nintendo Switch Online Service–the Virtual Console would rival this service alongside the Nintendo Classic system releases. We must also consider the fact that Capcom is releasing classic game bundles such as the MegaMan and Street Fighter Legacy Collections. Also, Sega is releasing classic titles now through its Ages games. Maybe it will return in a new form? Who knows really. All we can do is wait for Nintendo to make the next move, and who knows when that’ll happen.

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