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A blast from the past, The DUKE Returns and upcoming news from Xbox.

Announced on social media earlier today Hyperkin (with full endorsement from the people at Xbox) are reviving an old friend, THE DUKE, the original Xbox controller that was released back in 2001 is getting rebooted for modern consoles. According to small information available the DUKE is to be compatible with both the Xbox One and the Windows 10 operating system.

pre order information is available here,

Also here.


Product Details:   (taken from gamestop website)

Hyperkin has recreated the original 2001 Xbox controller aka “The Duke” as an officially Xbox-licensed controller, compatible with the Xbox One family of devices and Windows 10 PCs. The Duke features a home button with an animated Xbox logo display screen, precision analog triggers, a 3.5 mm headset jack, a 9 ft. detachable cable, and the return of the black and white buttons. The Duke is big, bad, and ready for action. It’s time for a hands-on history lesson.

  • Original (2001) Xbox-style Controller for Xbox One and Windows 10
  • 2 analog sticks and 4-way D-pad
  • Classic ergonomics, perfect for bigger hands or original Xbox fans
  • Precision analog triggers
  • Animated logo display screen
  • Force feedback and impulse trigger vibration
  • 3.5 mm headset jack
  • Re-enforced 9 ft. detachable cable
  • Classic X,B,A,Y, LB, RB, Black, and White button layout (including Menu and View buttons)

Release date is penned down as April 30th.

also posted on twitter was a slighty cryptic tweet from Xbox, here it is.

check back here for news updates.

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