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The Floor Is LAVA!!! Clustertruck a brief review.

When I was a kid I would play a game called “the Floor is Lava” with friends when there was a party or sleepover, we would throw cushions on the floor and jump around trying to tag each other and not touch the floor, i recently got the chance to play Clustertruck at game night with some friends, and boy howdy is it fun, this is a frantic and chaotic physics based platform based action game which has taken the classic kids game and ramped it up to the max.

Clustertruck is by an indie company called LandFall Games and published by Tiny Build, it is available for all Home computer formats and now on all major consoles with a Nintendo Switch port being released a few days ago, I am super excited to buy and play this game for my go to home system when my unit returns from the being repaired after the weekend and I’m going to tell you why.


The basic premise of the game is the floor is lava don’t touch it or you lose, where you have to run and jump between speeding big rigs while dodging crashing vehicles, obstacles and crazy death traps, all while doing tricks and completing goals to rack up big points and get high scores to place on leaderboards. There are over 100+ levels of chaos, unlockable skills and power-ups, the ability to create and share levels via the steam workshop (I was unable to test this as I played the GOG version of the game).

The game is played from a first person perspective where you jump from truck to truck in a variety of different settings, I only managed to get as far as the second world before the games difficulty out matched my skill level. I played for about couple of hours and the experience I had was overwhelming positive with the gameplay being fun and the controls being tight and responsive, I played using a pro controller and I had very little difficulty controlling the character.

Gameplay itself is crazy with ridiculous physics that feel like you are on the moon where it feels like you jump 30 feet into the air each time you launch yourself into the air to travel from truck to truck. The only skill I was able to unlock during the time I played was the double jump which made it even more ridiculous when I was trying to leap from each platform throwing myself up into the air as I was trying to reach the goal and scoring big as I was doing it.


I am really looking forward to being able to play this on switch when I get my system back, if you like crazy platformers with ridiculous physics and chaotic gameplay then check this game out from the experience I had I think that the switch version is going to be a good port, with what appears to be bonus content included that I wasn’t able to check out during my time playing it on PC as my friend didn’t have it with his version which.

It’s going to be nice to be able to take this with me to game nights with my friends and play it at home either on the TV or in handheld mode, I used a Nintendo Switch Pro controller to play this on the pc and it felt nice and comfortable so I am excited to get my hands on this release and I hope you are too, now available on all major gaming platforms.

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