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Review o a pick-up game Super Seducer: How to Talk to Girls

Developer: RLR Training Inc.

Publisher: RLR Training Inc., Red Dahlia Interactive

Platform: PC

Release date: 6th of March, 2018


As popular saying goes “All is fair in love and war. Since we have so much manuals and helping materials on matters of war, it shouldn’t be a surprise that we have a lot of materials on matters of love as well; Super Seducer is one such manual.

Strictly speaking, Super Seducer isn’t really a game. It is more of an interactive story with choices along the road; I would even go a little further and say that it is an interactive manual in a glossy and stylish cover. I wouldn’t call it a “simulator”, that’s for sure. But is it a bad thing? Not in my opinion, as Super Seducer works well in its chosen medium, giving you a feeling of a complete and fulfilling experience.

Game and how it plays

As I’ve already said, Super Seducer is more of an interactive story than a “seduction simulator” as it claims. The game itself is divided into a number of different scenarios, each with an end goal that you should achieve to move on to the next one. In order to achieve those scenarios you have to choose a correct answer so that your avatar in-game will impress the ladies he has set his eye on. Or you might choose an incorrect one just to see what happens, and it can be hilarious to choose the most outlandish and/or offensive answer possible just to see what will happen next.

Each and every choice, correct or not, is followed by commentary from Richard La Ruina (who plays as your avatar by the way), in which he explains why said choice was good or bad and what should you do if you are in that situation. Those commentaries are good and informative. I’ve learned a few things from that game, that’s for sure. But there was a problem in my copy of the game, as I’ve met a particularly annoying bug: there was no sound at all after I’ve chosen a chapter to play. No music, no voices, no nothing, and it is good that I was playing with subtitles on, as otherwise I wouldn’t be able to follow the flow at all.

Chapters are not very long, the longest one I’ve played was around 40 minutes, and I believe that the whole game wouldn’t take longer than 12 hours total. It is not bad, in my opinion, as it feels complete after I’ve finished with it.

Visuals, music and generic gripes

Super Seducer is wholly made out of live-action footage with Richard La Ruina as a main character and actresses playing as girls that you want to catch in your net. Of course, not everyone is a fan of live-action style, so it may damp your experience with that game. As for me, I’ve felt that developers got a good sense of atmosphere and made that visual style work for them. As such, I’ve enjoyed the visuals and actor’s play was believable and relatable as well, enhancing the games feel even more.

But music, on the other hand, at least for me, felt rather grating, especially at the start, as it bombards you with loud noises and I had to turn off the sound completely after I’ve found that there will be no sound for me in chapters no matter what.

Menu in the game is rather stylish but simplistic, which added points to the Super Seducer. Sadly, I had to take those points away almost immediately as Settings tab feels quite unresponsive and lackluster for me. And you can’t access the menu from inside the chapter you are playing so to change something you will need to exit and cancel your play through as there is no save feature in the game.


All in all, while not being a “game” game, Super Seducer manages to hold your attention as you are playing it. Even though there are several problems with the game, they don’t really detract from the experience. Despite its rather constrictive approach to the visualization of “seducing”, the game makes that approach work, delivering you some really impressive insight and teaching you a few tricks along the way. So, I would say that it is a pretty solid interactive story with interesting visual approach and, sadly, lacking in sound department.

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