Dragon Ball FighterZ’s First DLC characters are Bardock and Broly!

The more Saiyans the merrier, right? It appears the latest issue of V-Jump magazine revealed Dragon Ball FighterZ’s first two downloadable characters: Bardock and Broly.


Credit to ShonenGames for V-Jump Screengrab


For those unaware, Broly is one of the legendary Super Saiyans in the series. Though non-canon, the character appeared in many Dragon Ball movies, and shares a strong hatred toward the series main protagonist, Goku. Broly is larger than most of the characters in the current cast, and showcases his Super Special Attack called the “Gigantic Meteor”–according to gematsu.

The other character, Bardock, is Goku’s father and looks identical to him too. Meaning, players will have more Goku skins to choose from–just kidding. Bardock attains his Super Saiyan form by using his Super Special Attack called “Revenger Assault” –according to gematsu.

V-Jump hasn’t announced a price or date for these two individual characters, but a “FighterZ Pass” will release sometime soon–unlocking eight additional characters and other features for $34.99 USD.

Based on these leaks, it appears Bandai Namco are targeting some of Dragon Ball’s popular characters. Whether they add characters from other films or from Dragon Ball Super is yet to be seen.

How do you feel about this news? Are you excited for Bardock and Broly’s inclusion in Dragon Ball FighterZ? If not, what character do you want as DLC for the game? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter, and follow us for more news on Dragon Ball FighterZ, and everything gaming too!

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