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Atari Game Partners launches a crowdfunding campaign to bring Rollercoaster Tycoon to the Nintendo Switch


Big News!

Rejoice, my fellow Rollercoaster Tycoon franchise fans, for our benevolent overlords from Atari have graced us with a boon! Okay, let’s tone it down a couple notches, but still, it seems that Atari decided to get on that Switch train and they are doing it with one of their most successful and beloved franchises – Rollercoaster Tycoon.

On 23rd of January Atari Game Partners (wholly owned subsidiary of Atari) announced their agreement with crowdfunding platform StartEngine to give die-hard fans of the series a chance to bring a classic and widely cherished game to the dynamically developing mobile gaming platform Nintendo Switch, that is taking gaming market by the storm since its release at 3rd of March, 2017.

Developer team

And Atari has every reason to think that this campaign will be successful. You see, Rollercoaster Tycoon was sold in more than 14 million copies all around the world and made them more than $220 million of revenue, and that is just in the United States! And they already have a good experience with mobile gaming, as their Rollercoaster Tycoon Touch was a resounding success. In fact, it was so successful that it garnered more than 12 million downloads! So, yeah, they have a right to be self-confident.

And they’ve definitely brought right people for the job, too. Nvizzio Creations, developers of mentioned above Rollercoaster Tycoon Touch, are returning as devs for the Switch title. And they are bringing with them respect and love for the series as well as an experience with mobile versions of such games. Devs are promising that their new entrance to the Nintendo Switch will have both that nostalgic, deep and memorable gameplay as well as new exclusive features. All of that should allow even more people to enjoy an experience of creating and managing their own amusement park.

Everyone can become an investor now

And StartEngine is not just some crowdfunding platform, but an equity crowdfunding platform. Meaning, that those who donate (investors for short) not only just supporting their favorite franchise and giving it a chance to conquer new heights, but also will be able to participate in a revenue share of said game. Also, investors will be kept abreast at game developing status. And they will have a chance of work together with Atari Game Partners on their new projects.

Team of SilverSoulGaming very much welcome such news and sincerely wish luck to the new Rollercoaster Tycoon developers. That game is one that most definitely deserves to be ported on Nintendo Switch to reach out to people. Peace!

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