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Apocalypse Miner Review

Genre: Simualtor, Mining, and Post-Apocalyptic

Language: Game Marker Studio

Published date: October 2, 2017

Publisher: Mellogy

ESRB: E for Everyone


Apocalypse miner is a unusual and abstract game. Originally designed for the 72 hours #dreamhackjam! competition. There no official ending and the game can be spent in a 30 minute sitting or a gruelling 5 to 6 hours. The premise of the game involves a compact human mining and exploring the open 2d space. The controls are simple will makes it easier to grasp. With the arrow keys to move along with the E to interact and the X attack. The game even has a straightforward plot  to match the style and tone.


“ The world has succumbed to nuclear annihilation, but that doesn’t mean that your livelihood has! Mine out resources, defend against monsters, and recruit settlers in Apocalypse Miner!” – Mellogy.

The game mainly empowers you to do anything. To building turnets to even drills to help you mine. There even a chance to build huts for NPC’s, which make the game even more beneficial. The slimes are subpart and kind of creepy but make the game a bit more difficult. Mainly due to the fact they keep killing the NPC’s.  The graphics I adore a lot and this mainly pulled me in. The stark 4 color Gameboy aesthetic.

Over time I did come to play this game a fair bit. Mainly because it launches quick and can run on most windows computers. There is only one sound throughout the game which is composted by t4ngr4m on OpenGameArt. The candid chip tune melody is makes the game atmosphere pleasant but eary also. The lying under fact that the world has been annihilated by nuclear bombs. Personally if your looking for a plain sailing game Apocalypse Miner is that game. Mine coal to Uranium build Huts to nuclear bombs. This game is a proud concept that works fundamentally and smoothly.



+2d free exploring landscape full of ores and monsters.

+ Wide range of options to do, think and try. There endless possibilities.

+ simple controls and easy to grasp playing style.


+ Wider range of monsters. Maybe even a boss fight, would of been cool to seen.

+ The Drills don’t always work. They take a while to set up and could of been explained better.

+ sometimes pop-up windows don’t close. I think it just a glitch. However it doesn’t ruin the game. But this expected due to the short space taken on  the game.




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