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Microsoft officially announces the ending to the Xbox One Kinect adapter

Mixed reactions for the reaching departing of the Xbox one many people have been tweeting saying “Potentially wasted!” and “About damn time…”

Microsoft discontinues Xbox One Kinect adapter

Microsoft has officially ended the production of the Kinect adapter, The USB Port accessory that is required to connect the Xbox one Kinect to the likes of the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X. An official statement has been released to the general public by Microsoft.

“After careful consideration, we decided to stop manufacturing the Xbox Kinect Adapter to focus attention on launching new, higher fan-requested gaming accessories across Xbox One and Windows 10.” – Official Microsoft statement.

This appears to mark the end of the system lifespan. Most people knew this was coming from back in 2016, when Microsoft launched the Xbox One S without the proprietary port necessary to hook up to the Kinect. Showing early signs that Microsoft was thinking of the canning the product. Personally, I feel like the Kinect did mark a generation. For me, it was the Xbox 360 with it terrible microphone but an interesting angle still at heart.

Problems ahead

However, with the Kinect being killed off there is a few problems ahead. Some serious ones. Without the required sensor you won’t be able to play the correct Xbox One games that do require a sensor mostly killing the playability of the game. Maybe people have spectated that they might just re-release some of these titles. Like they did with the first-party Kinect titles, just without the features. For example Zoo Tycoon and Disneyland Adventures.

Sadly due to all these cancelling’s. The Xbox one Kinect will become a piece of wasted hardware. The voice navigation and Cortana functionality don’t work anymore – with the only feature being left is “Hey Cortana, Xbox on.” Meaning that this once beloved add-on too many people, might just become piece silverware…


Overall I believe many of us knew this was coming. It so strange a few months back, Microsoft said this quote. “It is not the end of the journey for the technology. Kinect continues to delight tens of millions of Xbox owners.” However, time marks the burial and closing for the Kinect. Sadly it even hurts the market for the Kinect. Hopefully, this move by Microsoft might lead to more market-friendly plus affordable VR equipment. However, in the meantime, the Kinect is going fast meaning this is the bitter end of the add-on – Sadly.

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