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Teddy and Bo: Search for the Dream Catcher, the exciting fresh 3D platformer coming soon to the PS4.

3D Plat forming game which takes place inside a child’s dream. Find the “Legendary Dream Catcher” and restore the balance between dreams and nightmares. Coming soon to PS4 and PC!


Teddy and Bo, search for the dream catcher is a 3d platformer takes a modern twist on the original 3d platformers from the PlayStation generation. Running on the Unreal 4 engine the game has a compelling story, but simple at the same time.

The story goes that Teddy and Bo are on an adventure – for Teddy to discovers that his dreams are becoming more of a danger. As the game goes on, it becomes worse and frightening.

Teddy and Bo must find the dream catcher to restore order between the dreams and nightmares. The game involves a wide range of environments things that would base on a petite child imagination. Levels which range from the floor is lava to cowboy shoot out’s. The game mainly uses a lot of pastel colours and has a rich rewarding combat system. There a range of options to sneaking to tactical planning.

 The game is currently being worked on by one man over at sorethumbdesigns. The game has been at work for 14 months. The passion and sheer quality do bleed well within the game trailer and the whole idea of it. The unique enemy’s to the whole the puzzles. I decided to speak sorethumbdesigns to talk about the game more.

1) Hey Ami, thanks for taking this time to do the interview. Icebreaker question what is your favorite game console and what influences you?

 Amichai Charnoff: My current favorite game console is the ps4, For the simple reason that it has the most exclusives that I like. But I think the Nintendo switch has the most potential of any current console. If Nintendo enables more app like features found on tablets I think the switch could become the most impressive game console to date.

 2) Why did you decide to work on a 3d platform out of all genres?

 Amichai Charnoff:  I decided to make a 3D platformer because it’s a genre that I enjoyed the most growing up with n64 and then GameCube and PS2. I think it’s a shame that the genre has died down a bit but I am happy that in recent years it has started to make a comeback, especially among indies.

3) So you’re porting this game to the ps4 and PC? Why not to Xbox one or the switch?

Amichai Charnoff: I’m designing the game for PC first, simply because it is the easiest and cheapest  to design for from a technical standpoint.

I then will port my game over to PS4 since it currently is by far the highest selling console of the current gen. As of now I don’t plan on porting the game to Xbox one but I will definitely plan to port it to the switch, because As I mentioned before, I think the switch has the potential to be huge.

 4) When do you think the final game will be ready? Or at least a demo?

 Amichai Charnoff: The final game will hopefully be ready in another year or so, but I plan to release a demo sometime this fall

5) So you got about 34 backers on kick-starter with a whopping US$ 2,559 in the donations. What your thoughts about that?

Amichai Charnoff: The kick-start I launched this past fall did not work out the way I had hoped. I launched it way to early on, before I had any following on social media, but honestly I learned a lot from the experience.

6) To finish off this interview, we would like to thank you, Ami, for doing this interview. Do we finish with what the weirdest and strange fact you can tell us about you or the game?

Amichai Charnoff: The most interesting fact about the game I think is that it is the first game I ever designed and I had to teach myself all the skills required.


 Overall I look forward to this game or aleast a playable demo. The game mainly fills with me a lot of nostalgia to classic PlayStation platformers however it more revamped and updates to date style clashes with it. To bring the best out of the game.

For more information on Teddy and Bo, visit the game on Facebook, Twitter, or at

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