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Nintendo’s New Mobile Game Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Announced for Late November

October 24th’s Nintendo Direct stream finally revealed the anticipated new Animal Crossing mobile game. This is the first time that that the franchise has left Nintendo systems, and changes up the traditional gameplay. First announced over a year ago, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a free to download game for iOS and Android that sets you up as the manager of an empty campsite. Though you are tasked with decorating and adding amenities to the camp, the game also features old Animal Crossing tasks such as fishing, bug catching, and gathering fruit.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a game in which you build a cozy camp life with friends and your favorite animals.

Already miss the concept of customizing and remodeling your house? Fear not, because with the help of the guys at OK Motors you can customize your own camper, and even make it bigger inside. With plenty of items, furniture, and clothing to collect, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp promises to become your new favorite mobile game.

Stop by and say hello to animals visiting nearby recreation areas. You can grow your friendship and earn rewards by helping them find the things they need.

Like the best mobile games, there will be seasonal events to keep the game exciting, and they are supposed to bring in new favorite characters. I just want to see Tom Nook and KK Slider. There may be in game purchases available, but there are no details available yet.

The majority of fans are still waiting for news on a Nintendo Switch title, but this is hopefully a step in that direction. It is no secret that Animal Crossing is as big of a hit now as it was when it initially released on the GameCube, and there is probably a good reason that it did not come to Wii U. Perhaps console sales had played a big role in that, which should excite fans because the Switch is the fastest selling Nintendo in history. Until then, we will have our own little Pocket Camp to pass the time.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp releases on iOS and Android in late November.

Are you excited for Animal Crossing on mobile? Are you still hoping for a Switch version? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook for more information, and our review!

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