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Funko is Shining Some Light on Indie Games as They Announce POP! Figures for tinyBuild’s Hello, Neighbor

Collectors everywhere have fallen head over heels for Funko’s POP! vinyl toys over the last few years, and it is amazing to see that they are bringing attention to lesser known indie title Hello, Neighbor after their announcement this morning on Facebook. People are commenting on how they have not heard of Hello, Neighbor but are looking into it now because the figures are so appealing. This is great news for both companies, and hopefully Funko will release more indie game figures in the future.

Each of the seven figures is of The Neighbor, with only one being available at all retailers-

The axe and rope neighbor is Gamestop’s exlusive-

FYE has the butcher knife neighbor-

Walmart and Barnes and Noble each have two exclusives. For Walmart, The Neighbor is holding milk and cookies or glue bottles-

And finally, Barnes and Noble has the eerie black and white neighbor, and the interesting pumpkin head neighbor-


Each figure releases in December, with the game release slated for December 8th. Will you be adding these to your collection? Which exclusive is your favorite? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook, and don’t forget to follow us on both for more news!

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