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Capital One and Sony Have Teamed Up to Bring Gamers a PlayStation Visa Card

The blog on Playstation’s website announced a partnership with Capital One that turned into a PlayStation rewards Visa credit card, and it has really great benefits. With no annual fee and 0% intro APR on purchases until March 2018, cardholders can earn 5x points for purchases made in the PlayStation store or on PlayStation and Sony products, 3x points on mobile phone bills, and 1x points on all other purchases, you can really get more bang for your buck on the things that you already buy.

Big spenders can earn even more benefits, as Capital One is offering a 50% statement credit on 12-month PlayStation Network subscriptions when you spend $3,000 within a year, and 10% statement credit for subscriptions to PlayStation Music, PlayStation Now, and PlayStation Vue. After being approved for the card, you will receive a code for $50.00 to the PlayStation Store once you make your first purchase. 

The PlayStation Rewards Visa from Capital One is a great idea for those who tend to stick with Sony branded electronics, or are big PlayStation fans. If you purchase a lot of games, especially digital, you can earn a lot of reward points for doing what you already love. You can apply for one here, and begin building up your points immediately once you receive the card. Oh, and once you are approved and set up your account with Capital One you are able to choose from different game designs for your card! Who wouldn’t want to pay bills with Sackboy grinning at them?

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